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Running a United Way campaign at your company or in your organization is not as difficult as you might believe.



Actually, a United Way Campaign Day is one of the most enjoyable events of the year, according to employees and campaign coordinators.

If you are hosting a United Way Campaign for the first time or would like some new or additional ideas, we can help.

You are welcome to download these materials to promote United Way and your campaign.

If your company does not currently run a United Way of Johnson County campaign and you are interested in speaking with someone about starting up your campaign, please contact the UWJC office. We would be glad to discuss a new partnership with your company.

Below are our campaign materials.  To download the a PDF file please click on the link. 

Our Brochure

Our Campaign Poster

Our Agency Poster


Our Fact Sheet


Our Campaign Thermometer

Our Campaign Pledge Card

Our Logos

Other Material

Frequently asked Questions

Campaign Coordinators Guide